Friday, September 25, 2009


Well, things have been crazy here. My littlest ones got so sick we had a few ER trips, 2 trips to the Dr's was a disaster!

I am trying to catch up to myself here..but it's a lot of work to do.
first, I wanted to give you all this link on how to make a basic tutu:

Now, to get the diamond shapes over the tutu, tie on a different color (or same if you like) every say, 3-4 ties/knots making sure it's an even number. but then, cut yourself a whole mess of little ribbons to tie them. i like them about 3 inches long. take two of the strips you tied for the diamond and tie them together with a ribbon a couple inches down from the waist. then take the next two and do the same until all around you have tied them all into pairs. then, about 3 inches or so down from those ties, take one of the ties from one pair, and one of the ties from another and tie those together. take the other ones from the pair and tie those to the next one over that is paired with one, and you will see how it comes out. you can then tie the original pairs back again several inches below that and you will see the shape come to life.

i don't have pictures, i am SO sorry. but if you have questions, ask away, and i will try to clarify as much as possible. enjoy your tutu making!

Now, for those of you who don't have need for a tutu, I have not forgotten you. This idea i had will have pictures to it once I squeeze out some time to work..but I will try to describe it the best I can.
With fall comes colder weather and thus long pants. When you pull out your tough guys' long jeans, don't throw away the favorite jeans because the knees have holes. get some felt, or any other fairly durable scrap of cloth, and cut a bunch of little triangles. Then, stitch them to the edge of the hole, basically, create an adorable little monster mouth where that knee is, lol. It's too cold for my toddlers to show some knee, so I will also be stitching something behind the teeth, maybe something to look like a mouth or just something with a crazy but boyish print. I just can't bear to toss those old navy jeans that fit so good. My boys are lanky making a good fit jean hard to find.

If you have kids of varying ages, did you know the sleeve of a shirt that is too small for a big kid makes great leggings for a little kid? here is alink to sleeve-y pants tutorial:

I hope that begins to make up for my absence. Today I will be stuffing old socks with newspaper, and then tying htem around the "neck" to make be interesting....


  1. Awww I hope everyone is feeling better!

  2. man, it sounds like you've had an awful lot to deal with! at least you should be able to sew to your heart's content now :)